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Samuel Carnoky Game Design & Programming Lead
CEO & Founder


Libor Popovic Art Lead & Concept Art
Creative force of nature

Energy and dedication second to none.

Michal Krca Back-end Programming & Music
Throat singer

Multi-talented professional.

Jan Fiala Animations & Modelling
Martial arts instructor

Master of the art of motion and flow.

Jakub Gemrot AI Programming
Game dev lecturer

AI guru, PhD.

Jan Pospichal Graphic Programming
D&D enthusiast

Shaders, tools, pipelines.

Martin Konecny Character Modelling
AAA character artist

Masterfully transforms a vision into 3D reality.

Jan Konecny 3D Printing & Modelling
Takes matter into his own hands

Our bridge from Virtual Reality to Physical Reality.

Richard Ferris Lore Design & GM Lead
The Dungeon Master

D&D Veteran GM of the highest caliber.

Jan Sebek Community Management
Posting machine

Like us!

Vojta Cerny Programming
Coding guru

Jakub's PhD student.

Mr Kofi of Ladygrove Canistherapy Specialist
Eternal optimist

Emotional support and on-prem security.


When you peel off the indispensable layers of advanced technology, art, and business, there is one thing that remains at the heart of what we try to bring to players – emotion.