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Arch Gate is a single-shard MMORPG with souls like 3rd person combat and a unique feature, roleplay-as-a-service. We deploy professional game masters and actors, roleplaying as NPCs, to participate in the events of the game world. This leads to unique situations that you will remember for the rest of your life,  greatly enhancing the core reason that makes this types of games so magical – being a part of the world’s history with your friends.  Arch Gate also features player run sandbox systems like territory wars and trading. The game has an optional VR support,  and it’s also a great platform for content creators.


We provide roleplaying services because we understand it is a full-time job. A team of professional Game Masters is employed to create on-the-fly content and events. Weapons, quests, and encounters can be crafted and deployed in a blink of an eye. Various core aspects of the game are designed to allow these live interactions to happen. Our actors improvise and roleplay as NPCs. They can possess monsters and bosses, which leads to unpredictable asymmetrical combat and storytelling situations. We aim to assure the highest quality gaming experience for players.

In-game items are mostly unique or limited series. No more swimming in useless loot! We prefer forming deep connections with every found item. You will remember your first rusty sword – not because it was powerful but because it was yours. This approach to loot also allows for the organic growth of mini-professions, such as item appraiser or item tracker. High profile auctions or heists can take place.

A large portion of quests, definitely all the important ones, are non-instanced – unique in the game world. This leads to emergent quest gameplay: server-wide treasure hunts, deep mysteries, and countless adventures await. Stumble upon a clue and compete or cooperate with other players to solve the quest chains. Betrayal and espionage can appear organically. Mysteries may remain unsolved for years. Our Game Masters will regularly monitor the crucial quest lines to ensure there is a solution. This questing system approach makes lore-oriented players an invaluable addition to every group.

Brace yourselves! Some regions will be harsh. Permadeath-like mechanics will bring satisfaction to the most demanding players and inspire those who don’t dare to participate. Several world progressing events will require someone brave to risk everything and survive. Songs will be sung. True heroes will rise. Executions and political assassinations can also take place – under certain conditions. 

The hardcore aspect of combat and the depth of social interactions make the game ideal to watch as a reality show. Root for your favorite heroes or villain personalities. Enjoy the sweet drama during political campaigns. Do you fancy tournaments to the death? Streamers and YouTubers can build their careers around our platform. There will also be space for mini-professions such as street performers or reporters with varying levels of journalistic ethics and integrity.

We will limit the maximum number of active subscriptions to assure the highest quality of service. More and more subscription slots will gradually become available with each expansion of the game world. We aim to build a community where reputation is a valuable commodity, and meaningful player relationships can form.